Physical Therapy

Physical therapy, which is also known as physiotherapy is a medical care forte that provides physical rehabilitation and relief treatment to people with certain bodily dysfunctions. Physical therapy is conducted using body strength and movements, exercise and therapy using voluntary manual movements. Most forms of physiotherapy also include electrotherapy. In short, the primary function of physical therapy is to have relief in movements that would not have been possible. The professional who conducts physiotherapy is known as a physical therapist. The physical therapist ensures that his treatment will bring more mobility and freedom in his patient’s maneuver. Physical therapy is carried out after diagnosis, prognosis and a detailed therapy plan are in place. Other than medical purposes, physical therapy holds many other useful applications such as research and education. PT is a branch of a wide array of study that involves and bodily movements, other similar branches include yoga and other meditating exercises. Physical therapy, being a primary care treatment in itself, may also be used in correspondence to other related medical services.

PT is a vital professional with a wide research to operate from. The profession, because of its numerous clinical applications is one of the pioneer medical services that have a history over 11000 years. Its main goal is the promotion of strength and fluidity in the physical functions of the body.
Almost 57 million people around the world are benefitting from this medical marvel.

A physical therapist operates in the following way